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Whirlpool Top and Bottom Refrigerator

SKU: 220338
  • By making this purchase you understand that you are purchasing a used appliance. All our appliances go through an inspection process before leaving the store. We cannot guarantee that the equipment may not fail due to the nature of it’s used condition. THE $20.00 MOVING TRUCK or the THE $20.00 MOVING TRUCK HOME APPLIANCES shall not be responsible for any damages caused by appliance failure such as but not limited to: spoiled food, damaged clothing, fires, flooding, or other personal effects due to malfunction of the appliance. THE $20.00 MOVING TRUCK or the THE $20.00 MOVING TRUCK HOME APPLIANCES, the owner associates or employees or independent contractors cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage caused by appliance installation such as leaks, damaged floors, scratched cabinets and/or walls and/